Land and Economy: Agriculture Between the Farm and the World

Annual International Conference of the Biodynamic Movement

Farming works directly with nature, it is true primary production and therefore a starting point for all value creation. It therefore has a hard time in the highly complex capital-driven economy.
Looked at from the opposite direction, at the point of sale where money is paid for the product, it occupies the endpoint. At the endpoint, on the farm, too little money comes back, far too little. This predicament can create resourcefulness and conceals the potential for innovation. The forthcoming Agricultural Conference aims to be a platform where we can exchange ideas about these innovations: Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), regional associative zones, food systems, soil as a common good, true cost accounting etc. 

Agriculture exists between the polarities of land, nature and cosmos on the one hand and economy, market and price on the other. It is 

constantly at risk of being crushed between the two. But, from this position, it also has the opportunity to make beneficial contributions to the recovery of the economy overall. The present-day economy is suf- fering from an escalation into excess. Agriculture can restore a sense of proportion. It can provide meaning. It can take on the function of a guardian between what is available and what is not. The conference therefore aims to be a workshop for the future and to inspire all parti- cipants to create new economic forms – in agriculture. 

The conference also aims to be a place to learn about associative eco- nomics. What are the basic principles and approaches of this way of dealing with economics given by Rudolf Steiner? Can our innovations based on necessity not be viewed as prototypes of associative eco- nomics? Can we recognise them as such and thus in future better de- velop the potential that they contain? This conference offers a platform where action and understanding, practice and research can provide mutual stimulation.

Ueli Hurter & Jean-Michel Florin 

Languages: DE & EN

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